Meta Monopoly

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Meta Monopoly is a meme inspired project with real utility and a strong user base.

Featuring the MMNFT (Meta Monopoly NFT) and a PvP (player vs player) game studio that allows users to play against each other and win real crypto.


High quality art with real utility. Every character gets transformed into an animated video and posted all over our social channels; TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

The collection is exclusive and limited. Currently there is only 272 total supply.

The originals were airdropped to the private presale buyers. Any future NFT will be airdropped as the smart contract is renounced and does not have a public mint function.

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Game Studio

Suite of PvP crypto games. Users connect their wallet, deposit crypto, and play each other in a fast paced, friendly style gameplay.

Users will play with ETH on initial launch, then have the option to play with the $MONOPOLY token when live on market.

Galaxy Run is our first game (launched on May 16, 2023) and as of writing this, there are currently 1,500+ users and over 200+ eth in transaction volume.

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